Welding company that specializes in railings, industrial platforms, stairs, and other metal products.

Our goal – a joint result

In 2015 Daupro was founded.

In 2017 we began working with a 3d engineering program

In 2018 we began a partnership with UPB, Merks, and other construction companies.

In 2020 we increased our production area until 900m2

About us

DAUPRO – a reliable welding company in fulfilling various projects. The company’s main focus is metalworking, railings, and other metal product manufacturing and assembly.

Production area of 900 m2, combined of 2 production facilities, separate room for stainless steel processing.

Our team consists of 5 welders, 4 workers for preparing the material, and 5 office workers.

Our production process is certified appropriately by the standards of EN1090 execution class EXC2.

Our monthly manufacturing capacity is about 50 tn of metal structures or 500 meters of railings.

DAUPRO production

Daupro was founded in 2015 with only 300 m2 of production area, with 2 welders and 2 office workers.

Nowadays production is being held in 2 facilities: one with 300 m2, where small metals are welded and fabricated, and the other: a 600 m2 building where production is held for larger welding projects and their assembly.

For stainless steel production, we have a separate room in the facility to ensure that there are precise technological processes and exceptional quality of the steel.

Three metal lengthening machines are used to prepare various kinds of metal. Six welding machines with different kinds of power capacity and with built-in cooling ensure a wide range of welding options. Other machines and auxiliary mechanisms help us fulfill orders with high quality.



The company’s production process is certified by EN1090 execution class EXC2. The certification is renewed every year and gives us the right to mark the product with the CE mark.

With the decision of the European Commission from the year 2012 in all of the European Union the marking of steel and aluminum with the CE mark becomes a mandatory requirement, with LVS EN 1090 +A1:2012, which confirms the construction standards of LVS EN 1090-2:2018 and LVS EN 1090-3:2008 requirements.

To ensure quality control, all workers are certified by ISO 9712 requirements: visual control NDT VT 2. stage.

Modeling of drawings and structures before production

If necessary, we carry out project detailing and preparation of drawings using 3D modeling software.

Using a certified AUTODESK program which is precisely designed for metal construction drawing, fast and accurate development of stairs and platforms, we can provide 3D module development with the coordination of the customer even before the preparation of the detailed drawing.

Using the module in the production stage allows to evaluate the overall construction compatibility, visual appearance, and design for everyone involved in the project.

Gatis Gertners

Drawing | Project management

Mobile: (+371) 20026299 E-mail: gatis@daupro.com

Janis Romans

Production management

Mobile: (+371) 28350916 E-mail: janis@daupro.com

Reconstruction of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in RTU

DAUPRO manufactured and installed a wide range of metal products, coordinating with the project’s main contractor and designer throughout the project.

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New welding equipment has been introduced in Daupro with the support of the innovation program ‘ZILE’

News — 13. January 2023

Latvijas finieris

Daupro is a professional and reliable cooperation partner with whom we have completed more than 10 large-scale projects.

Gatis Builis, Metala Alianse

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